AI made easy for SMEs

With our modular AI software, you can transform your data into predictive models, image recognition, pattern recognition or generative AI in just 8 mouse clicks. Without AI knowledge. Without programming knowledge.

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Fewer failures

Avoid expensive downtimes through predictive maintenance of your machines.

Less fluctuation

Which customers are threatening to leave my company.

Understanding customers

Understand which customer groups you really have in order to develop personalised and successful sales strategies

Image recognition through AI

Detect poor quality early using image recognition.

Automatic quotation generation

Let AI automatically create a draft offer based on incoming emails.

Identification of willing leads

Use advanced analysis tools to identify the most promising leads and significantly increase your closing rate.

Demand forecasts

Use precise demand forecasts to optimise your stock levels and always have the right products available at the right time.

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Compared to the best alternative, an AI consultation, we save

the costs

of time.


How it works: Our AI programmes your AI

Data linking and processing

Data linking and processing

Selection of AI algorithms

Selection of AI algorithms

Fine-tuning the models

Fine-tuning the models

Interpret and implement results

Interpret and implement results

Your task? Bring in your data and your domain knowledge and our software will do the rest.

How it works: Our AI programmes your AI

Patrick Imcke
Patrick Imcke

Master's in Mathematics (1.5 degree in half the standard period of study, at the age of 21)

Taught non-parametric statistics and machine learning for three years

Doctorate 2025

Award: One of the 25 most promising minds under 25 in Germany

Jan Dette
Jan Dette

Master in Mathematics (1.5 degree)

Winner of the 3rd state prize at Jugend forscht with an AI project

Over 10 years of experience in AI development

Cedric Nguepnang
Head of Data Science

Master in Mathematics, University of Bonn (1.0)

Master in Mathematics, University of Cambridge

Certified Data Scientist

Sven Leitgeber
Data Scientist

Master in Mathematics (1.5 degree)

Expert for numerics

Certified Data Scientist

Athanasia Theodoridou
Marketing Managerin

Top performance at Targo Bank

Bachelor student in online marketing (1.5 average)

Who is our software suitable for?
Companies that want to use AI within the next 3 months: Whether for pattern recognition, forecasting, image recognition or generative AI.
For problems with measurable monetary added value: The solution brings you a monthly monetary benefit of at least four figures.
Beginners in the field of AI: No prior knowledge required.
Companies without data scientists: Our software automates the data scientist and takes over the complex work.
Medium-sized companies: Specially developed for the needs of SMEs.
Companies with digital data: Make optimum use of your existing data. Our software can also deal with sub-optimal data quality.
Your use case is solvable: And has not yet been unsuccessfully tried to be solved by a data scientist.
Who is our software not suitable for?
Solo self-employed persons: Our solution is not yet economical for solo self-employed persons.
Most questions are based on text (e.g. chatbots): Our software works primarily with numbers or images/videos as input.
Companies with their own data science team: These generally require specialised solutions.

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